How to Setup DKIM for Zoho Mail?

Setting up DKIM on Zoho Mail involves three significant steps:
  1. Creating a unique domain key on ZOHO mail
  2. Creating a TXT record in your Domain’s DNS registrar
  3. Validating the selector and Enabling DKIM signing on Zoho Mail
Creating the Domain Key on Zoho Mail
  1. Log in to the Control Panel on Zoho Mail here (you need to be a super administrator to create a Domain key).
  2. Go to the ‘Email Configuration tab and choose ‘DKIM
  3. Navigate to ‘Domains and choose the domain you want. 
  4. Click on ‘ADD’ to add a new selector.
  5. Provide the selector name.
  6. Copy the TXT record that will be generated.

Adding and publishing the TXT record to your DNS manager
  1. Login to your domain’s DNS Manager.
  2. Create a TXT record in the DNS with the title as <selector>._domainkey.<>
    Ex: should be the name of the TXT record if the selector you choose is emailauth. 
  3. In the TXT record value, paste the TXT Record Value you copied in Zoho.
  4. Save the TXT record.
Enabling DKIM for your domain on Zoho Mail
  1. After the validation of the DKIM is successful on the DNS site, log in to Zoho Mail Control Panel.
  2. Select ‘Verify’ across the particular selector. The text record will then change to ‘Verified.
  3. Once it is verified, you will see a prompt to enable DKIM immediately or later. It is advisable to enable it immediately to sign emails with DKIM. 
  4. Once it is done, Zoho Mail will add DKIM signatures to all the emails generated from your domain.

Check your DKIM records using EmailAuth’s free DKIM Record Checker.

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