How to Setup SPF for Google Workspace/Gsuite?

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email authentication system that detects forged sender addresses while the email is being delivered. SPF, on the other hand, is confined to detecting a forged sender claim in the email’s envelope, which is used when it bounces.

Follow these steps to set up SPF on Google Workspace:

  • Log in to your DNS management console and go to the ‘name server management’ page.
  • Check whether your domain has an existing SPF record. 

NOTE: SPF records usually begin with v=spf1.

  • If your domain doesn’t have an SPF record, add a new one using these values:

                     Name:  @ (leave it blank otherwise)

                     Time to Live (TTL): 3600 or leave the default.

                     Value/Answer/Destination: v=spf1 -all

  • In case your domain has an existing SPF record, add the following to it: 
  • Save the changes and wait for 24-48 hours for the changes to reflect.

Check your SPF record using EmailAuth’s SPF record checker for free!

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