How to Setup SPF for SMTP2GO?

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email authentication system that detects forged sender addresses while the email is being delivered. SPF, on the other hand, is confined to detecting a forged sender claim in the email’s envelope, which is used when it bounces.

To setup SPF on SMTP2GO, you have to follow three major steps :

           1. Adding a new domain on SMTP2GO

  • Login to your SMTP2GO account and go to the control panel.
  • Navigate to settings and go to Sender domains.
  • Copy the CNAME record generated and publish it on your DNS.

    2. Setting up a new DNS record 

  •  Login to your DNS management console and navigate to the section where new records are created.
  •  Select the resource type CNAME and publish the copied CNAME records from SMTP2GO.
  • Click on Save.

    3. DNS verification

  • Login to SMTP2GO and confirm that your domain has a verified status.

SMTP2GO handles SPF configuration on its own once you add your domain. You don’t need to configure SPF manually.

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