DMARC Benefits

DMARC Benefits

Why do DMARC? Benefits of DMARC.

DMARC (Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) is an email authentication standard or protocol that determines whether an email is authentic or not. It relies on SPF and DKIM, two other protocols, to decide the authentication status of an email. It provides visibility of the sources sending emails from an organization’s domain, ensures better email deliverability, and, most importantly, provides security against domain spoofing, phishing, and impersonation attacks.

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EmailAuth provides free tools to validate and verify domains for DMARC, SPF, and DKIM, and also generate new records. It completely automates the setup process for DMARC, making it easier to choose who is allowed to send an email on the specific domain’s behalf and keep track of that domain’s enforcement policies. 

Check your DMARC records using EmailAuth’s DMARC Record Checker

EmailAuth gives companies and organizations control of their email domains via DMARC, which has the following advantages:

  • Protects brand reputation
    Cybercriminals will seek to spoof domains and use a brand’s online presence for malicious deeds regardless of the size or breadth of the firm. DMARC protects the brand’s integrity by keeping the brand name out of an attacker’s arsenal of faked email domains.
  • Provides more insight into cyber threats
    DMARC allows organizations to keep track of all authorized and non-authorized third parties who send emails on their behalf, ensuring compliance with security best practices.
  • Prevents email spoofing
    All organizations want to protect their domain from spoofing attacks. While this is beneficial for internal employees, it also prevents spammers from utilizing the organization’s domain to assault or spoof other businesses. SPF and DKIM are two tools that can help with this. Once these two are in place, DMARC can be implemented.
  • Increases email deliverability
    Even valid emails might end up in spam folders or quarantines, which can be problematic when emails contain sensitive medical information or other important data. DMARC provides additional assurance that emails sent by a specific company are authentic, thus enhancing deliverability to inboxes while also preventing spam.
  • Domain Visibility
    You can acquire reports on email messages sent on behalf of your domain from all across the internet using the DMARC reporting system. These reports provide an in-depth look at how your email domains are being used and how you can optimize your email communications.
  • Control over emails
    With DMARC you have complete control over emails sent from your domain. DMARC reports will notify you if your legal sources start sending unauthenticated emails so that proper action can be taken. The amount of emails sent from your domain is included in the report. If you detect an odd rise in sending volume, you can investigate whether it came from a legal source or was the result of a spoofing assault.
  • Security
    DMARC helps you deal with security threats such as spam, phishing, and spoofing. A DMARC policy tells receiving email systems what to do when they receive a message that claims to be from your domain but isn’t properly validated. Moreover, mailbox providers can reject any emails that do not pass the authentication check.
  • Brand Recognition
    The BIMI (Brand Indicator for Message Identification) is accessible through DMARC. It provides email senders a way to stand out in their recipient’s inboxes by showing their logo next to their email message. It gives your email instantaneous credibility and brand recognition.
  • Reduces Email Bounces
    Email verification helps you understand the different statuses of an address, whether it is undeliverable, accept-all, role-based, and so on. This information allows you to exclude addresses that are unlikely to be delivered safely. As a result, you’ll end up with a clean list with little to no email bounces.
  • Provides a reliable database
    Email Authentication helps you create a reliable database. Having a database that does not have incorrect or dead email addresses increases your chances of reach.

How Does DMARC Help?


Phishing attacks have risen by 350% post the COVID-19 Pandemic!

$600 million every year is scammed by Phishing attacks!

Globally 1 in 3 companies have been victims of CEO Fraud Email Scams!

DMARC has been adopted by the biggest email senders and email receivers globally. This includes Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft, covering 85% of the consumer inboxes in the world.

The most important reason why DMARC should be used is that it gives an organisation full control on how their domain is being used. The organisation can also instruct the receivers on what actions should be taken if the incoming email is not legitimate and report the incident back to the organisation for further analysis.

It saves consumers from the trouble of identifying whether an email is legitimate or a spam. Sometimes it may happen that regardless of all the knowledge of email spoofing a receiver might fall into the trap. DMARC makes sure that this does not happen.

Eliminate Phishing Attacks and Increase Email Deliverability!

Google & Yahoo’s new bulk email sender requirements coming live on February 1, 2024. Are you ready?