DMARC Setup Guide

DMARC Setup Guide

A comprehensive guide to publish your DMARC record in your DNS Vendor.
A DMARC record needs to be updated on your domain’s DNS panel. Every major ISP shall check your domain for this record in order to authenticate any email and pass it on to the user’s inbox depending upon the policy. EmailAuth offers you to create a DMARC record for your domain instantly using the DMARC Record Generator.

1. Generate a DMARC record for your domain.

Please visit EmailAuth’s DMARC Record Generator and simply create a DMARC record for your domain. Detailed instructions will also be sent to you on your email.

2. DNS Control Panel.

Log in to the control panel of your DNS vendor and open the DNS Editor or click on Modify Records.

3. Add the DMARC record.

Click “Add new record” and select the option to add a new TXT record. Enter the values exactly as provided to you by EmailAuth’s DMARC Record Generator as shown in the image below. After adding all the values, click on Add Record.

4. You're done!

You have now successfully published the DMARC record for your domain and shall start receiving the reports within 72 hours. EmailAuth dashboard will collect these reports on your behalf and show it to you in a simple statistical form with added threat intelligence and next steps. We’re glad that you’ve started your journey towards having a fully secure and trustworthy domain when interacting with your customers and vendors.

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