Simplicity is the key!

EmailAuth Suite is one of the world's best platform for Email Authentication and has been serving customers since the introduction of DMARC in 2012. EmailAuth has been termed as the "Simplest" dashboard by Security Professionals and is also vastly appreciated by other industry experts. Our ability to convert complicated DMARC reports into plain English is what makes us one of the leading providers globally.


Get ready answers to questions that your Management Team might ask!

Get direct answers to their questions that are easily downloadable and extract reports for the timeline of your choice.
full visibility

The DMARC Threat Map

Get access to EmailAuth's Threat Map for the quickest identification of all malicious IPs that are sending emails using your domain. Easily classify them on the basis of their reputation and take a major leap in your DMARC journey.
Prevent your domain from getting spoofed

The Features Don't Stop Here.

Get Insightful Information and Ready Investigation on the EmailAuth Dashboard!

Ready Investigation

EmailAuth not only reads the DMARC reports for you but also adds additional investigation for factors like Forward/Reverse DNS Match, IP Whois, Spam Listings & much more...

Alert Notifications

Setup easy and customisable threat alerts on the EmailAuth dashboard and get notified instantly for all alarming potential risks to your domain.

Granular Reporting

Based on all processed DMARC reports, EmailAuth dashboard sends you weekly, monthly and annual reports about the progress of your DMARC journey.

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The magic lies in Orchestration!

Put EmailAuth’s SOAR technology into practice and ensure security from all directions.

EmailAuth offers SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response) capability and helps brands integrate with other cybersecurity solutions. EmailAuth can use API or STIX/TAXII based integrations and can share the IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) in real time with other platforms that ensures security from all reachable points.

Eliminate Phishing Attacks and Increase Email Deliverability!

Google & Yahoo’s new bulk email sender requirements coming live on February 1, 2024. Are you ready?